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الرئيسية » Goals


  1. Prepare the specialized cadres in the oriental and modem European languages

  2. Develop the skills of students in languages and translation

  3. The faculty specializations with needs of the labor market

  4. Encourage research, write and compose in translation and languages

  5. Participate in the international conferences in the oriental and modern European languages and hold scientific seminars

  6. Present the advice and experience, consult to the private and public sectors

  7. Serve the society through oral and written translation works

  8. Hold the courses to the university and society sectors and meet the needs of the governmental institutions

  9. Prepare translation and languages programs and carried them out according to the university regulations

  10. Keep in touch with the faculties, institutions, institutes to get benefit from their experiences

  11. Enrich translation activity from Arabic into English and vice versa