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Student and education affairs


The sector aspires to serve the students through providing a distinguished educational and practical process and also student activities able to graduate a successful generation


The mission of the sector aims at providing educational programs according to quality criteria for the bachelor and post graduate studies, it also committed to graduate a well-qualified graduate able to compete in the labor market


  1. Provide the academic programs and lectures for the students
  2.  Follow up the educational process from the beginning of the academic year till the end of the academic year
  3. Provide the student activities in its different fields
  4. Provide residence and nutrition for the expatriates
  5. Acculturate the students in all fields of life
  6.  Hold international conferences to study the environmental problems and the ways of solving them

Prof Hammady Abd Alhammid Hussein

Vice dean of the faculty for students and education affairs

Students and education affairs committee comprises:

Prof Hammady Abd Alhammid Hussein          Vice dean of the faculty for students and education affairs

Prof Bahaa Mohamed Mezid             Member of the committee

Dr Hala Mahmoud Radwan                 Member of the committee’

Dr Ahmed Mahmoud Mohamed Abu Hassoub         Member of the committee

Mr.  Mahmoud Mohamed Mahmoud Ali                           Member of the committee