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الرئيسية » Rules of promotion for the staff members

Rules of promotion for the staff members

Rules of promotion for the staff members

1-The applicant for the position of assistant professor or Professor must spend five years in the lower degree

and he/she may present his portfolio three month before the end of the specified period

2-He must attend the courses of staff members’ development

3-The applicant must determine the specialization in which he wants to get the promotion attached with his published, accepted for publication, researches

4-The staff member who is in an internal or external secondment or in a scholarship or  if he is a dependent for his wife can normally present his papers for promotion, but he can’t do this if the allowed period for his secondment or scholarship ended, but  he can after his return

The general rules for promotions

The supreme council of universities determines the specializations of every promotion committee

The supreme council of universities assigns the specialization of each promoting committee to be the umbrella of a group of sub specialties and if a staff member asks for promoting in one of the sub unenclosed specialties and the committee accepts adding this specialty that, in this case the committee must notify the supreme council of universities

  • Publish the specializations on the website of the promoting committee
  • 3-form a committee of 7 to 9 of staff members ,who are chosen as arbitrators, this committee’s mission is promoting the staff members to be assistant professor or professor
  • 4-The promotion of the staff members is determined according to the recommendation of the committee
  • 5- The university council assigns the serious complaints and transfer them to the high advisory committee at the supreme council of universities, which examines the staffs’ complains accurately.
  • Then it has the right either to return the papers back to the specialized committee or to save the complaints and illustrate the reasons of its decisions.
  • The committee also must write a detailed report about its acceptance or rejection for the complains

7If there is no specialized committee for examining certain specialization, the dean must send the paper to the secretary of the supreme council of universities, who transfer the paper to the high advisory committee which decides either transferring the paper to one of the current committees or suggest forming a new committee

8-on the condition of announcing   a need for academic positions in the different universities and institutes these institutions should ask for the committee’s decision