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الرئيسية » Staff Members’ Rights and Duties

Staff Members’ Rights and Duties

High education and universities executive regulations guarantee many rights for the staff members such as:

All kind of vacations such as leave of absence to do academic research

Administrative work assignment allowance besides his primary job

Attending the academic conferences, seminars and workshops

Staff members get the same allowances and rewards as any state employees of the same position

He/she is allowed to go Mandate, secondment and working as a part-time counselor for any governmental authorities outside the university

The duties of the staff members

.Prepare the exams of his subjects

Teaching his courses, extra teaching in case

Preparing and marking exams

Participate with the department members in preparing the academic plan and develop the department programs

Supervise the field or the practical sides

Conduct research, studies and workshops and participate in team activities

Supervise the research and thesis of the students

Supervise the post graduate students

Keep up to date in his specialization and read what is new in the periodicals and researches

Make creative writings and purposeful analyses which participate in knowledge enrichment that serving the society

Participate in the sessions of the department council, committees and different assemblies in the university

There are many duties which must be known for the staff members to adhere to these duties:

(Avoiding) unacceptable academic and professional behaviors which badly affect the university reputation or make bad use of the university name for his/her own interests and finally not to work outside the university until get the university approval