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الرئيسية » The Implementations of Dormitories

The Implementations of Dormitories

1-The numbers of the students in the dormitories 

The university cares about finding a residence for all students through building new accommodation halls and also renting others

2- The New Buildings

  • Six buildings were added to the dormitories at the new campus to increase its capacity for the new students

3-Buildings which were Renovated

  • Some buildings were renovated such Nasser building and youth care building

4-Food Halls and Kitchens Development

Food halls and kitchens were developed and maintained to boost the service and provide the proper healthy cooking ways.

The university also cares about the cleaning of these halls and kitchens so it held a deal with directorate of health to purify (disinfect) the halls against the insects

4- Delegations Suites

  • A suite on the second floor was allocated for the coming students and was developed to include 18 rooms to accommodate 32 visitors

5-Establishing the Glass Hall for Seminars and Ceremonies

This glass hall stands between building h and building w and was prepared for holding the conferences and seminars

  • 6-Students with Special needs care:

A well- prepared suite was established on the first floor, in addition to preparing the toilets for them

The university also provides the following;

Two centers for blind students

Two audio libraries

Banners in Braille

7-Establishing a bakery in the female students’ dormitory

The university established a bakery to provide the bread for the students

8-The Nursery

In 2010, the president of the university opened a nursery for new- born babies and for young children, of the employees to make them feel comfort and boost their work performance.

The nursery also has all education, care and recreation ways for those children and has many well-qualified specialists